The Mental stuff...

Using the Aerial swing relaxes and restores the emotional mind - qualities, which are very helpful on the psychological level and can combat stress. Opening up space in the body and the mind makes people happier. There is also an inner body reactivation as circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems are re-energised through blood circulation. This reactivation boosts the mental abilities, regenerating and relaxing the mind. There is a strengthening of the neural connections related to memory and intelligence.

It is a playful and liberating experience and those who enjoyed swinging on the playground monkey bars as a child are taken back to this feeling of freedom. Play matters to our health and happiness and we can quite often forget its value and that it is essential to our health and well-being: - 

“...beneficial effects of getting just a little true play can spread through our lives, actually making us more productive and happier in everything we do.”

‘Play’ Dr. Stuart Brown

The Aerial swing can create a sense of adventure, cultivate self-trust and add playfulness to life for better mind and body health and life quality.