Be a Rock star!

Ease stress and anxiety. Find happiness and healthiness…

There is a lot of Rocking involved when using the Aerial swing. This can have enormous therapeutic effects. The rocking motion has a highly beneficial healing effect on humans easing the stress and anxiety brought on by our high pressured, high-tech lives. For example, reducing blood pressure, slowing down breathing, stimulating blood flow and helping the gentle rhythmic contraction and relaxation of back muscles.

We have always known that Rocking has relaxing and calming effects on mothers and babies as it has an effect on our ability to fall asleep and also the quality of the sleep, but this also extends to adults, tapping into a pleasure centre found in the brain.

A clinical study demonstrates that for people undergoing loss of independence due to Dementia, repeated use of a rocking chair improves blood circulation and balance while lessening muscular pain, anxiety and depression: -

“During the weeks they rocked, most residents’ psychological and emotional well-being improved.”

Source: The Therapeutic Effects of Rocking

Regular Aerial swing practitioners also regularly report an improvement in balance as the rocking motion helps stimulate the body’s ability to maintain balance.

Rock away!